How to integrate Adobe Sign with Sapho version 4.9 or greater

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Important Note

In order to distinguish Sapho activity from an individual user’s activity, we recommend connecting to Adobe Sign with a dedicated user account (e.g. that has a role with full data access privileges, such as Administrator.

We also recommend using an anonymous window while you’re setting up your integration. Adobe Sign uses browser cookies to collect user data, which could possibly create issues during the setup process.


Sapho requires regular API access to your Adobe Sign instance. In order to accomplish this, we recommend creating a dedicated user account (for example, in Adobe Sign and then using that account to configure the Adobe Sign integration in Sapho. This account should:

  • Have full data access privileges
  • Be API-enabled

Using a dedicated account is particularly useful for audit logs as it helps distinguish activities done through Sapho.

Note: You will need the Adobe Sign Enterprise Plan in order to have full access to the API.

Create an Application

To use Adobe Sign APIs, you will need to create an application first.

Adobe Sign uses the OAuth authentication protocol to authorize requests for any Sign API endpoint. So, you will need to get the Application ID and Application Secret from the web UI of Adobe Sign. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Adobe Sign.
  2. Click API. If you are already an Adobe Sign Enterprise customer, you may not see the API link. If that is the case, click Account to proceed.Pic1.png
  3. Click API Applications.Pic2.png
  4. Click Create and provide details about your app.

When you create a new app, you need to choose the right domain:

  • CUSTOMER - Apps for internal use and testing.
    (Select this domain if you need your app to only access data from your account.)
  • PARTNER - Apps for production and public use.
    (Select this domain if you need your app to access data in any Adobe Sign account.)

Configure OAuth

In the previous section , you learned how to create an application in Adobe Sign. Next, you will need to configure OAuth for your application so that the client-side applications that you build can use Adobe Sign APIs.

  1. Click View/Edit above the newly created Application to get your Application ID and Secret. Copy and paste your app's Application ID and Secret somewhere you can access later on. You will use this information to issue access tokens in the Adobe Sign API.Pic3.png
  2. Click Configure OAuth for Application to enable scopes.
  3. Enable the Scopes that you intend to request through the OAuth protocol. Please note: Only Group Admins can approve OAuth requests that use the “group” scope modifier, and only Account Admins can approve OAuth requests that use the “account” scope modifier.


NOTE: It is recommended to give full "account" accesses to the API Aplication used to integrate with Sapho.

The following modifiers are available:


Click Save. You are now ready to use Sign APIs from your client-side apps. OAuth is widely used by developers to authorize API access, and Adobe Sign's implementation complies with the OAuth 2.0 specification.

The OAuth process requires users of your apps to grant permissions before invoking any API.

NOTE: Before you begin using Sign APIs, we recommend reading Using OAuth to Access Adobe Sign APIs.

Configure Webhook

The last piece of the setup in Adobe Sign is the Webhook configuration. This configuration is important, as it allows to keep the data in Sapho up to date. Each time an agreement gets approved or rejected, Adobe will automatically send a notification to Sapho and trigger an incremental sync.

To properly configure the Adobe Sign Webhook, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the “+” icon in the Webhooks sectionAdobe2.png
  2. Fill in the following details for the new webhook:
    • Name - the name of your webhook
    • Scope - Select Account as your scope
    • URL - https://”YourSaphoUrl”/external-services/
    • Events - Go to Agreement and then select Agreement all events
    • Notification Parameters - check the Agreement Info option


    • Click Save

NOTE: For more information about Adobe Sign Webhooks, please consult Adobe Sign’s documentation.

Integration setup in Sapho 

      1. Log into Sapho Builder (Admin).
      2. Go to the Data or Micro Apps page and start the Add Adobe Sign Integration or Add Adobe Sign Micro App wizard by clicking on the Adobe Sign icon.Pic7.png
      3. Enter the URL of your instance. The Instance URL is the domain in which your Adobe Sign instance resides.
      4. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret that you saved when you were configuring OAuth.
      5. On the next screen click on “LOG IN WITH YOUR ADOBE SIGN ACCOUNT”, you will be redirected to the Adobe Sign login page. Enter your standard login details (email and password).Pic8.png
      6. Click Next to finish creating the integration.