How to integrate Trello with Sapho version 4.8 or greater

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Important Note

In order to distinguish Sapho activity from an individual user's activity, we recommend connecting to Trello with a dedicated user account (for example, that has full data access privileges. Please make this account a member of all the Trello boards in your organization. This will be particularly useful for audit logs. 

Get your Trello API key and Token

1. Log into

2. Go to and copy the API key value. Do not close this window.


3. Use the URL below to generate your token. First, you will need to replace the “KEYVALUE” placeholder with the Trello API key you generated in the previous step.

4. Once you have pasted your API key into the URL, please open the link in your browser. You will be redirected to the following page:


5. Allow Sapho access to your Trello account to generate your token. Copy your Trello token.


6. In the Trello Integration details modal in Sapho, paste the API key you copied under Key and paste your token under Token.

Audit Trail

Once you have created a dedicated user in Trello and set up your Trello integration in Sapho using that user’s account, you will be able to ensure transparency in your audit logs.

Any write-backs from Sapho to Trello will be recorded as being performed by this dedicated user. In some cases, Sapho uses comments to distinguish a specific Sapho user, as described in the sections below.

Create a card
When creating a new card from a micro app, Sapho automatically creates a new comment that states: "<user_email> added this card from Sapho." This is added as a separate API call and will input the email of the user who is currently logged into Sapho.

Add a comment to a card
When creating a new comment from a micro app, Sapho automatically adds the prefix “From Sapho by <user_email>:” to the comment field to distinguish which user created new comment.