How to integrate Box with Sapho version 3.9 or greater

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Step 1: Sign in

Log in to with an account that has access to the documents you would like to display in Sapho.

Step 2: Create new Box application

Click on Create a Box application in the right menu.

Step 3: Pick a name for your application

Fill in Application name and click the Create Application button.


Step 4: Get the client ID and client secret

Copy the client_id and client_secret values and paste them in a secure place for later reference.

Step 5: Set OAuth2 Parameters

In OAuth2 Parameters section:

  • Set redirect_uri to
  • Set CORS Allowed Origins to your Sapho server URL.


Step 6: Save the application

Scroll down to the button of the page and click the Save Application button.

Step 7: Paste the credentials in Sapho

Paste the client_id and client_secret you obtained at Step 4 in the respective input fields of the connector configuration form for Box in Sapho. Click Next.

Step 8: Log in with the Box account

Make sure that you use the account has access to the files you would like to display in Sapho.

Please note that if you’re hosting Sapho on an internal server which is behind a firewall, you will need to allow access to hostname with port 443, so Sapho can connect to the Box cloud.

Click Next.

Step 9: Finish the creation of the connector