How to integrate Zendesk with Sapho version 3.9 or greater

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Getting Zendesk Client ID and Secret

Important Notes

1. We recommend creating a dedicated Zendesk account (for example, and then using it to set up the Zendesk integration with Sapho. This account must have a role with full data access privileges, such as Administrator.

2. If your internal server hosting Sapho is behind a firewall, you will need to allow access to hostname with port 443, so Sapho can connect to the Zendesk cloud.

Step 1: Sign in

Log in to with the dedicated user account.

Step 2: Go to API Settings

Click the cogwheel on the left sidebar. Scroll down to Channels category and click API. (If needed, click the Get started button after reading and agreeing with Zendesk Terms of Service and Application Developer and API License Agreement).


Step 3: Add a new client & enter details about it

Click the OAuth Clients tab, and then click the plus icon on the right side of the page.

  • Fill in Client Name with the name for your app.
  • Set Redirect URLs to
  • Description, Company, and Logo fields are optional.


Step 4: Get the Client ID

Copy the auto-populated Unique Identifier value and paste it in a secure place for later reference. Click the Save button. And then hit OK.

Step 5: Get the Secret

After the page refreshes, scroll to the bottom of the page. Copy the Secret value and paste it in a secure place for later reference.


Step 6: Save your client

Click the Save button again.

Step 7: Paste the credentials in Sapho

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained at Step 5 and 6 in the Data form for Zendesk in Sapho. Click Next.

Step 8: Log in with the dedicated Zendesk account

Click Next.

Step 9: Finish the creation of the integration


Audit Trail and Delegated Authentication

Even if the integration was set up using the dedicated account, Sapho’s integration with Zendesk supports delegated authentication. So, every time a Sapho user creates a new Zendesk ticket using the specialized micro app, their User Email is going to be shown in the Requester field of a ticket in the Zendesk UI.