How to integrate Asana with Sapho version 3.9 or greater

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Important Notes

1. We recommend creating a dedicated Asana account (for example, and then using it to set up the Asana integration in Sapho. This account must be invited to all the Asana teams you would like to access through Sapho.

2. If your internal server hosting Sapho is behind a firewall, you will need to allow access to hostname with port 443, so Sapho can connect to the Asana cloud.

Step 1: Sign in

Log in to with the dedicated user account.

Step 2: Go to My Profile Settings

Click on the profile icon and select My Profile Settings.


Step 3: Manage Developer Apps

Select Apps tab and click Manage Developer Apps.


Step 4: Register New Application

Click Register New Application.


Step 5: Add details about your application

  • Set App Name to Sapho.
  • Set App URL to
  • Set Redirect URL (without checking the checkbox) to

Step 6: Create the application

After reading and accepting the agreement, click the Create button.


Step 7: Get the Client ID and Secret

Copy & paste the values for Client ID and Client Secret in a secure place for later reference.

Step 8: Save the application

Click the Save button.

Step 9: Paste the credentials in Sapho

Enter the Client ID and Client Secret you obtained at Step 7 in the integration configuration form for Asana in Sapho. Click Next.

Step 10: Log in with the dedicated Asana account

Click Next.

Step 11: Finish the creation of the integration