How to install Sharepoint 2010 Add-in

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Audience: Developers building Sapho micro apps

Step-by-step guide

  1. Sharepoint - Command Line and Central Administration) Download one of the following WSP solutions (Sharepoint 2010 Add-ins for Sapho):
    1. SaphoWebPart_Default.wsp - Works for Sapho pre-4.0.0 (HTTP only)
    2. SaphoWebPart_https.wsp - Works for Sapho pre-4.0.0 (HTTPS support)
    3. SaphoWebPart.wsp - Works for Sapho 4.0.0 (HTTPS support)
  2. Add the solution directly to your Sharepoint instance, or
  3. Follow these steps to add the solution via command line
    1. Copy the file to a directory on a machine where your Sharepoint instance is installed
    2. Open 'Sharepoint 2010 Management Shell' and navigate to the directory
    3. Add the solution to the Sharepoint using this command:
      stsadm -o addsolution -filename .\SaphoWebPart.wsp
  4. Open Sharepoint 'Central Administration' in a browser
  5. Navigate to 'System Settings' → 'Manage farm solutions'
  6. Click on 'saphowebpart.wsp'
  7. Deploy the solution by clicking on 'Deploy Solution'
  8. (Sharepoint) Add a Web Part to the list of available Web Parts
    1. Open Sharepoint and go to 'Site Settings' ('Site Actions' → 'Site Settings')
    2. Click on 'Web parts' under 'Galleries' section
    3. On the top ribbon, click on 'Documents' under 'Library Tools'
    4. Click on 'New Document'
    5. Find 'SaphoWebPart.SaphoWebPart.SaphoWebPart' and check the checkbox
    6. Click on 'Populate Gallery' on the top of the modal. You should see a new Web Part in the list
  9. (Sapho) Obtain Sapho API key
    1. Login to Sapho (make sure all your applications are published) and click on an app you want to embed
    2. In the left menu click on Publish. You should see this screen
    3. In the 'Web Embed with API key' box click on the toggle in the top right corner to enable embed
    4. Click on the pencil icon in the top left corner and copy values of $SAPHO_SERVER and $API_KEY properties from the modal. You'll need them later.
  10. (Sharepoint) Add a Web Part on a Page
    1. Go to 'Home' page and click on 'Edit Page'
    2. Click on 'Add a Web Part'
    3. From 'Miscellaneous' choose 'SaphoWebPart' and click 'Add'
    4. In the editor you should see 'SaphoWebPart' Web Part
    5. Click on dropdown and pick 'Edit Web Part'
    6. In the right menu pick 'Sapho'
    7. Provide 'Sapho URL' and 'Sapho API key'
    8. Click OK

Video showing the whole process