How to set up an Outlook Actionable Message event channel

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Audience: Developers building Sapho micro apps

Outlook recently introduced Actionable Messages, which extend standard email functionality with configurable actions. When a system sends an Actionable Message, the message includes a special card with custom action buttons. These actions can then be remotely executed on your server using your custom business logic.

Set up Azure Active Directory

You will first need to properly configure your Azure Active Directory and set up Azure Active Directory as a security provider in Sapho. For a step-by-step guide on how to do this, please read this article on how to set up an Azure Active Directory security provider.

Register your Sapho server with the Actionable Email Developer Dashboard

In order to make Outlook Actionable Messages work fully for your organization, you need to submit an Actionable Email Developer Dashboard form. To fill out this form, please log in to your Microsoft account. Microsoft uses the data you provide to evaluate your use case and whitelist your Sapho server to enable Outlook Actionable Message delivery and action button functionality.

The following required form fields will need to be filled in:

  1. New Provider
    • Friendly Name: The service name that will display in Outlook messages.
    • My Organization Id: Your organization ID (this is filled in automatically).
    • Sender email address from which actionable emails will originate: The sender email address that will be used to deliver messages. This email address should be the same account (or alias) that was used to set up Azure Active Directory as a security provider in Sapho.
    • Target URLs: The base URL of your Sapho server. If you have multiple Sapho servers, please enter a base URL for each of them.
    • Logo: The logo of your service that will be displayed in Outlook messages.
  2. Scope of submission
    • Who are you enabling this for?: Select the Organization. If you’re planning to send messages to multiple domains, then select Global.
  3. Contact Info: The contact information of the responsible administrator.
  4. Publisher Information: Basic information about your organization.
  5. Scenario: Enter a basic description of the use cases you would like to cover via Outlook Actionable Messages.
  6. Information to verify your actionable messages: Enter a test scenario description of your use cases for Microsoft to verify.

The data provided via this form will be processed by Microsoft. If there are no issues, it should take about a week for your Sapho server to be registered and whitelisted.

Set up an Outlook Actionable Messages event channel

Once your Sapho server is registered and whitelisted by Azure, Sapho lets you leverage all the potential configuration options of Outlook Actionable Messages.

Here’s how to set up an Outlook Actionable Messages event channel:

  1. Go to the detail page of the event whose notifications you want to deliver via the Outlook Actionable Messages channel.
  2. Toggle the switch on to enable Outlook Actionable Messages and click on the box to open the event channel window.
  3. Use the Message Editor to set up how you would like your Outlook Actionable Message notification to appear. Sapho’s editor allows you to add all the same elements of an Outlook Actionable Message, including a title, a subtitle, text, action buttons, structured facts list, and even the images displayed within the message.
  4. Click Send Test to send a message to your email address to test whether your Outlook Actionable Message cards work correctly. Please note, the recipient address will need to log into Sapho with their Azure Active Directory account first in order for the test message to be delivered.