How to integrate Tableau with Sapho version 3.9 or greater

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Important Notes

1. If you use Tableau Online and you host Sapho on an internal server behind a firewall, you will need to allow access to hostname with port 443, so Sapho can connect to the Tableau cloud.

2. If you use Tableau Server and you host Sapho in the cloud, you will need to configure Tableau Server to recognize and trust requests from Sapho Server by whitelisting its IP address. This article explains how to do it.

3. Note that only https connections are supported, make sure the used SSL certificate is trusted by the device runnig Sapho.

The tutorial below assumes that:

  • you are logged in Sapho Builder (Admin)
  • you have started "Add Tableau Integration" or "Add Tableau Micro App" wizard
  • you are on “What is the connection information?” screen (below)

Step 1: Enter the URL of your Tableau instance

If you are using Tableau Online, the format of the URL will be the following:

If you are using Tableau Server (on-premises), the URL is the path you use to access Tableau in your browser.

Step 2: Enter the username and password

Fill in the username and password of an admin account in Tableau.

Step 3: Specify the site you would like to access

Fill in the name of the "Tableau Site" you want to access. In case you leave this input field blank, you will be automatically connected to the "Default" Tableau Site.


Plese note that you can find the names of the different Sites available in your Tableau instance by clicking the dropdown menu (1) on the Tableau top navigation bar. The list of Sites will be displayed. 

Step 4: Finish the setup of the Tableau integration in Sapho