How to build a Sapho micro app from scratch

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Audience: Developers building Sapho micro apps

The following video will take you through the process of creating an employee directory micro app in Sapho Builder. The micro app is built using data stored in a simple MySQL database. If you would like to follow along with the video on your own, first go through the instructions below the video to get things set up.


Setting up the database and connection

  1. Run the SQL script linked below on your MySQL instance. It will create a schema named Demo, create a table in that schema named Employee, and then populate the table with sample employee data.
  2. On the Connections page in Sapho Builder, click on the Databases tab, and then click to create a MySQL connector.
  3. Name the Connector “Demo” and then enter the URL to your MySQL instance, and the username and password you use to connect to it.
  4. Select the Demo schema, ensure that the Employee table is checked and click Done. Sapho will synchronize the data.
  5. Go to the Micro Apps page of Sapho Builder and start the video.