How to set up a sticky menu on desktop

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Audience: Developers building Sapho micro apps

A sticky menu, one that always stays expanded, is a great option that can really help speed up navigation between micro apps for desktop users.

To set up a sticky menu in Sapho, simply complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Home App for editing.

    Note: A sticky menu can be implemented in any micro app, however we recommend setting up your menu in the Home App so it can be inherited by all of your micro apps and always be available to users.
  2. In your Home App, go to the Look builder.
  3. Click Header.
  4. Open Left Items in the properties menu.
  5. Click ADD ITEMS.
  6. Click + to add a header item.
  7. Select Menu as the Item Type.
  8. Click SET MENU ITEMS.
  9. Add all the menu items you would like included in your sticky menu using + and then click DONE.
  10. Check the Expand on Desktop checkbox (this is the option that makes the menu “stick” on desktops) and click DONE.

    Note: The menu item must be the first item in the Header’s Left Items list in order for the Expand on Desktop checkbox to appear.

Now when the app is viewed on desktop, the menu will always be displayed. You can test how the sticky menu looks by previewing the Home App and selecting Desktop in the Device Menu.