How to configure Sapho Server

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Audience: System administrators installing and configuring Sapho Server

In order to configure the basic functionality of Sapho Server you need to configure system variables. You can either use a configuration file with environment variables or include system variables after the -D parameter when running Sapho Server.

The table below includes the extensive list of all system variables.

Property Default value Mandatory Description
SAPHO_DB_TYPE mysql yes Database type. Must be "mysql" or "postgresql".
  yes Database server host name.
  yes Database port.
  yes Base schema name.
  no Additional connection string parameters, including leading question mark. Can be used for accessing PostgreSQL via SSL. 
  yes/no Database catalog name. Mandatory for PostgreSQL, ignored otherwise.
  yes Database user name.
  yes Database user password. May be empty when user has no password, but that is not recommended.
10 yes Database max connections. Optional, defaults to 10. Increase in case of degraded performance due to too many concurrent users. Decrease in case of too many connections.
SAPHO_SERVICES_FOLDER   no Filesystem path to look for extra external connector libraries.
SAPHO_ENABLED_SERVICES   no Comma-separated list of enabled external services.
SAPHO_START_IF_DOWNGRADED   no Start Sapho even if server is not compatible
with DB. Do not use for production.
SAPHO_JOB_THREAD_POOL_SIZE 3 no Thread pool size for running jobs. Increase in case of many concurrent syncs and event jobs, decrease in case of too much server load.
Read more about how to manage the server load of Sapho ETN jobs.
RDS_SAPHO_AUTH_URI no Sapho Auth server URI.
SAPHO_BOT_URI no Sapho Bot server URI.
SAPHO_DEV_MODE   no Run Sapho in development mode.
SAPHO_DISABLE_NOTIFICATIONS   no Disable all notification jobs.
SAPHO_ONEAPP_ENABLED   no Indicates whether OneApp notification channel should be enabled.
 SAPHO_INTEGRITY_CHECK_ENABLED   no Indicates whether application integrity check is enabled.
SAPHO_CONNECTOR_DB_MAX_CONNECTIONS 5 no Connector (non-Sapho) Database max connections. Increase in case of degraded performance due to too many concurrent users. Decrease in case of too many connections.
SAPHO_SERVER_URL   no Server URL (with protocol and port). Use only when Sapho can’t deal with custom proxies correctly.
SAPHO_SALESFORCE_LATIN1   no Create Salesforce schema with latin1 charset.
SAPHO_BUILDER_SESSION_TIMEOUT 120 no Builder session timeout in minutes.
SAPHO_IAM_CYBER_ARK_APP_CD   no Cyber Ark application code for Sapho.
SAPHO_IAM_CYBER_ARK_ENV_CD   no Cyber Ark environment code for Sapho.
SAPHO_IAM_CYBER_ARK_PACKAGE   no Cyber Ark VaultFactory package prefix for Sapho.
SAPHO_KEYSTORE_PATH   no Keystore path.
SAPHO_KEYSTORE_TYPE   no Keystore type.
SAPHO_KEYSTORE_PASSWORD   no Keystore password.
SAPHO_KEY_ALIAS   no Key alias.
SAPHO_KEY_PASSWORD   no Key password.