How to write back to SaaS and on-premises applications

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Audience: Developers making Sapho micro apps

Sapho not only lets you read data from your systems, but also allows you to write back to them. Before performing any write backs, Sapho will check with the source system to ensure that nothing has changed since the last data sync. The number and type of write-backs available vary from system to system, but setting them up in Sapho is very straightforward.

There are a set number of write-backs available for most SaaS and ERP integrations. These system-specific actions are known as “service actions” in Sapho.

To use one of the available actions in your micro app, follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a form page in Sapho Builder.
  2. Add a button component to the form.
  3. In the Button Properties, scroll down to the Logic section of the Action property and select Service Action.
  4. For the Service property, select the integration you’re using.
  5. Select the Service Action you wish to use. The available list of service actions will differ depending on the system you’re connecting to. In the case of IBM Domino, for example, there is a service action that can be used to execute any Domino Agent, whereas for Salesforce, there are service actions for approving contracts, converting leads or just modifying field data.
  6. Click on the SET PARAMETER button to set up all the necessary information required for the particular service action.
    Sapho provides many different options that you can use for the parameter values, such as taking them directly from a column, a component on the page, session information, or even setting a specific value.
  7. After setting the values for all parameters, click SAVE.