How to set up an IBM Connections event channel

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Audience: Developers building Sapho micro apps

Please follow the steps below to send notifications generated by Sapho events to IBM Connections communities via status updates or new thread topics.

  1. Set up an IBM Connections security provider.
  2. Go to the micro app you would like to edit and click Events and select the event detail page of the event you want to use to send notifications to IBM Connections.
  3. Select IBM Connections from your list of endpoints. 
  4. Under Community, select the community you would like to deliver notifications to. 
  5. Under Send As, select whether you would like to send notifications as a New Status or New Topic
  6. Enter your Message Text.
    You can also add Tags if you’re sending the notification as a new topic. 
  7. To send a preview, click SEND TEST to check whether your message is working correctly.