How to deploy to SharePoint Online

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Audience: System administrators installing and configuring Sapho Server

Sapho supports using your micro apps within your SharePoint environment. There are three simple steps to setting up the integration.

1. Set up Azure Active Directory

In order to get started, you first need to set up your Azure Active Directory security provider in Sapho.

  • Go to the Security tab and add a new Azure Active Directory security provider.
  • Fill in the relevant information to connect to your Azure Active Directory, namely the Domain, Client ID, and Client Secret parameters. Click Done.
  • Finally, go to the Apps with Access tab in the left side menu within your newly created security provider and toggle the switch on to activate the Can Access setting for the micro apps that you would like to use within SharePoint.

2. Get the embed code from the SharePoint Channel

Once Azure Active Directory is set up, you will need to get the embed code from the SharePoint channel.

  • Go to the Publish tab in the left side menu of the micro app you want to use within SharePoint. Here you’ll find the SharePoint channel and its embed code. (Note: You will need to publish the micro app to see the available channels.)
  • Copy the content from the SharePoint channel’s HTML field.

3. Set up a SharePoint embed

  • Navigate to your SharePoint account and edit the page where you’d like to embed your Sapho micro app.
  • Click on the Insert tab and select the Embed Code component.
  • Paste the HTML code from the SharePoint channel here and click Insert.
  • After saving the page, you will immediately see the Sapho snippet and can begin using it right away.