How to integrate SAP SuccessFactors Learning with Sapho version 4.3 or greater

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Before you set up the connector in Sapho, you need to do a few things.

1: Get your Company ID and Client ID

Log in the SAP SuccessFactors Learning administration environment for your tenant and go to System Admin > Configuration > OAuth Token Server.


Copy the Company ID and Client ID from the page and paste them in a secure place for later reference.

2: Generate a new client secret

Click on the "Generate a new Client Secret" button and then hit OK on the confirmation box. The client secret will be displayed below the client ID.


Copy the newly generated client secret and paste it in a secure place for later reference. The secret is not stored, so if you navigate away from OAuth Token Server page, the secret will disappear from the page.


How to set up the SAP SuccessFactors connector in Sapho

The instructions below assume that you are on “What is the connection information?” screen for SAP SuccessFactors and that you have set the dropdown labeled Are you using the Learning module?  to "I am using SAP SuccessFactors only".

Step 1: Enter the Learning URL

This is the URL of the admin environment for your Learning instance.

Step 2: Enter the Learning Company ID

This is the Company ID that you copied earlier from the OAuth Token Server page.

Step 3: Enter the Learning Client ID

This is the Client ID that you copied earlier from the OAuth Token Server page.

Step 4: Enter the Learning User ID

You must enter the ID of an account that:

  • has a recognized ID and password for LMS
  • is an admin user
  • is active
  • is not locked.

Step 5: Enter the Learning Client Secret

This is the client secret that you obtained and copied earlier from the OAuth Token Server page.

Click Next.

Step 6: Finish the creation of the connector

Step 7: Wait for Sapho to sync with SAP SuccessFactors

It might take a while to load data from SAP SuccessFactors. While this happens, there is going to be a spinner inline with the connector on the Connectors page.



If you're getting an error saying "Access denied to the requested resource", try disabling the Jam integration with the LMS as explained here.